Synchronize database

Hi Experts,

When I synchronize the emplTable it fails to synchronize and shows the error

Cannot execute the required database operation.The SQL database has issued an error.

Problems during SQL data dictionary synchronization.The operation failed.

Synchronize failed on 1 table(s)

Pls help for this issue…

Thanks in Advance


Hi Rajabudeen,

Goto Dynamics Menu–>Tools → Development Tools → Application Object → Choose “Refresh AOD”

Now Synchronize the Table.

If Still u getting problem Once close & Re-open the application And Do The Re-index.(Application Object → Reindex)

Hi Roshan,

Thanks for ur Quick reply…

I Re-Indexed the object but still I con’t able to synchronize the emplTable.

I’ve added three fields in emplTable and later I deleted the fields. after that I con’t able to add any fields If I add any field the synchronize failed and the following message comes in a form Synchronize database.

"An action you have taken requires that one or more fields be dropped from the Microsoft Dynamics AX database. This can be caused by changes in the data dictionary such as deleting fields or disabling fields through configuration keys.

However, because the fields listed below contain data, you may want to

back up your database before the fields are deleted. This field and all data it contains for all companies will be deleted:


Is there any solution for this…


R u confirmed that those fields are deleted. Once check in database…

Right click on the table → choose layers → Now delete the USR Layer

Check this…I am not sure about this bcz i didn’t get this type of problem…

See the Event Log for more information…


As the message indicates, take backup of the data in EmplTable and complete synchronization.

The underlying problem is - there has been changes made to this table within AX. Due to this, schema mismatch exist between AX and SQL Server. You will have to complete synchronization so that AX can update schema of this table in SQL Server.

Hope this helps,