Synchronization problems in Commerce Portal

Hello I have installed Commerce Portal 3.60 on one single machine for eval. Everything is running fine except from the servce “Navision Commerce Portal Synchronization”. When I start that service i get an information event in the event log with ID 0 (zero). The service is started but it doesn’t work properly. I can synchronize from Navision, but as soon as I do something on the web that requires a request to Navision I get the “No response from Navision” Message. I can also se that these messages are stuck in the job queue in Message Queue. Everything else is running fine with no warnings in the event log. Any ideas?

What does the Event Viewer say? I have had this problem twice and for 2 different reasons each time. 1. It could be that the services have not started up correctly. Stop all the service (MSMQ, NAS, Synchorinization service) and start again. 2. If in the event viewer you see something regarding salutation codes, this could be helpful: Suggestion of how to solve: Tabel 5050, Contact. Function GetSalutation we have these two lines: IF NOT SalutationFormula.GET"Salutation Code",LanguageCode,SalutationType) THEN ERROR(Text021,FORMAT(SalutationType),LanguageCode,“No.”); This means that if we do not have the salutation in the requested language we makes an error. That is accepteble if the customer running the normal client, but with the customers customer placing orders from the portal it is not accepteble. Change them to this: IF NOT SalutationFormula.GET"Salutation Code",LanguageCode,SalutationType) THEN IF NOT SalutationFormula.GET"Salutation Code",’’,SalutationType) THEN ERROR(Text021,FORMAT(SalutationType),LanguageCode,“No.”);

Hi Tried No. 2 several times with no result. The eventlog reports an information event with id 0 for the Synch service. I think that’s the problem, but I don’t know why I get that event in the log. Thanks anyway /Lars

If I understand my NTR right, the messages stuck in the jobmq have nothing to do with CP Synchronization service; it is the NATAS (application server classic/sql) that handles these messages. This very message happens to me at least a few times a day. Our surefire way of handling this is to purge hte jobmq, restart NATAS. It works fine.

In fact, I find that everytime I restart my CP machien (all in one, like yours), I always need to stop and start the NATAS service for some reason. If i dont, I will start getting stuff stuck in jobmq. Go figure.

Thanks! It works.