synchronization of forms

When we invoke a Form from another form using default Action=Runobject and setting the properties ‘RunFormLink’ and ‘RunFormLinkType’ , the child form gets updated when we scroll records in the parent form… It can be observed that, Item statistics window (F9) when run from Item Card is a MODALFORM. I mean code used is ItemStatistics.SetItem(Rec); ItemStatistics.RUNMODAL; But if I change the second Statement to ItemStatistics.RUN; and run it from Item Card, I want it updated as I scroll thru different items… So I want the default action( that usually gets set by properties) through CODE in situation where there is no direct FormLink to the child Form. I don’t and can’t go for single Instance codeunits bcoz It would affect other issues of my customer Requirements. Thanks for ur time Can anybody help me with this. I would be grateful. Thanks Rajesh

Unfortunately, Navision has given so much functionality to the Item Statistics Form that it can no longer be called through the usual RunObject property. Will your Customer be unhappy if you tell him he has to close the Statistics window, move to another record and open Statistics again? After all, it is only 3 keypresses… ESC,PGUP/PGDN,F9 Sorry for not being more helpful.