synchronization of forms

When we invoke a Form from another form using default Action=Runobject and setting the properties ‘RunFormLink’ and ‘RunFormLinkType’ , the child form gets updated when we scroll records in the parent form… It can be observed that, Item statistics window (F9) when run from Item Card is a MODALFORM. I mean code used is ItemStatistics.SetItem(Rec); ItemStatistics.RUNMODAL; But if I change the second Statement to ItemStatistics.RUN; and run it from Item Card, I want it updated as I scroll thru different items… So I want the default action( that gets set by properties) through CODE in situation where there is no direct FormLink to the child Form. I don’t and can’t go for single Instance codeunits bcoz It would affect other issues of my customer Requirements. Thanks for ur time Can anybody help me with this. I would be grateful. Thanks Rajesh