Synchronisation Failed - unique index violations

Dear all,

We are compilling and synchrinize LS-Retail objects at AX2009, the compilling process successfully finished but when we start synchronise i have warning "New unique index named ‘I_1615ItemColorIDX may cause unique index violations’

after that when i press “Continue” an error infolog message appear :

  • Cannot execute a data definition language command on (), The sql database has issued an error.
  • Problems during sql data dictionary synchronisation, the operation failed.

Synchronisation Failed.

Item Color History: This Item Color table have been changed by AX technical implementers, they did change from AX the “inventcolorID” feild size from 10 to 50 and i think this cause this problem.

Current status: Parameter window is not open, an error message appear:
Error executing code: NumberSeqReference (object) has no valid runable code in method ‘construct’.

(C)\Data Dictionary\Tables\RBOParameters\Methods\numberSeqReference - line 3
(C)\Forms\RBOParameters\Methods\numberSeqPreInit - line 6
(C)\Forms\RBOParameters\Methods\init - line 3
(C)\Classes\SysSetupFormRun\init - line 3

Any one know how to fix it? or if there any action i have to do on DB level.

Thank you
Ala Massoud

Thanks for NO replay

Hi Ala,

On the synchronization error, the error message says unique index violation. So I am not sure whether the change in field size would cause this problem. You check in Event viewer (most likely in AOS) which should tell you more information about the error including which record caused the problem etc.

On the NumberSeqReference, it looks like some method is missing. Perhaps you can check with your partner to correct this issue.


Thank You Harish for your replay.