Sync a purchase order line as an Outlook calendar appointment

Having searched the forum without success, and followed a guide on MSDN (, I’ve been unable to successfully sync a purchase line to an outlook calendar.

The basic idea is to create outlook appointments for each purchase order line, using the expexted receipt date as the start time of the appointment. This is to provide an overview of the deliveries that are expected in on a given date.

Image comment: This is to only PO entered on the filtered date

I have created an Outlook Synch Entity and defined the Synch Fields, then created the User Setup, however no appointments have been created and no errors received. I have confirmed that the sync is working by adding the pre-defined contacts of type company to the user setup, which worked first time.

Image comment: This is the user setup

Image comment: This is the outlook entity, compared against contact import to ensure all was correct

Image comment: Sync fields, again compared with contact import

Can anyone suggest why this is not working? Am I attempting the impossible or have I missed something out?

Again please note the outlook sync itself does work as the contacts update each time I run a synch