SWOT with respect to the Indian Market

Hi friends, Can we discuss here the strenths of Navision with respect to the requirements of the Indian market? Any practical experience [:D] to share here will be interesting too. Regards

Hi friends, to set the ball rolling on this topic which i feel should be of interest is the pricing issue. Inspite of its strengths i feel it is pricing which is making the initial market entry difficult in Navision. The Indian customer is extremely price sensitive and especially with normally low IT budgets it is prooving to be a test of strength in patience. [:)] regards

I feel this thread has been taken up at the right time. Yes, Pricing is an issue which now needs to be considered by Indian NTR. There have been a number of incidents I have heard of and came across on Navision at times being costlier than BaaN/MySAP. According to me, The pricing on user licenses and web components need to be reviewed. Regards, DD

i wish u all the best & hope that Navision understands the indian customer very well. But let it be any case those people have to understand their late entry & be very cautious about indian IT customer. i know some of u here may disagree with me, but this is my thoughts. again wishing all of us best luck with regards vaibhav

Hi vaibhav, any other solution? what all verticals have you evaluated so far in India? any success? regards

Hi All The biggest strength is the granular / modular approch of Navision. Also it is a good solution for retail industry. The best is that it has an integrated CRM functionality. Pricing as per the new guidelined from Navision India would not be the reason for losing an Order. So expect lot of action from Navision in India henceforth. Regds nav_mbs

navision can become a plateform of choice for fin related verticals say for insurance industry. this industry is now a day seeing lot of activity. nav in any case a fin plateform. regards, anuj