Switching between companies using CTRL+O

When switching between companies using CTRL+O I encounter the problem that, when you do this starting with the cursor in an editable field, the data in the field is erased, and an unreadable character is placed in the field before the change company dialog is opened. I encounter this problem when using Navision within a Windows 2000 UK version operating system. When using a dutch version of Windows 2000 the problem doesn’t occur. Does anybody have any experience how I can solve this problem. Looking forward to your replies, Ron

Hi Ron, funny, I have had that problem as well (with Version 2.6, 3.1 and 3.6). But only with more than one language set installed. Plain “english” is NO problem. But having a plain German W2K Server and connecting by Terminal service using the GB keyboard, I am facing the problem. Direct on the server no problem anymore. Sorry, I can not give you any hints. Regards Walter

I have been annoyed by the very same thing ever since version US 3.01 (Attain). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! -Dave Hutchinson

Hi, Has anyone a solution for this annoying problem ??? Thanks Nico

I had only noticed this when in the Object Desinger, as the Find dialog would always appear with this character. And, I am on a plain English database. Just tried it on a regular form, and it does as this message states. I always thought I was crazy.

The logic is to exit to the main menu prior to doing Cntrl+O to change companies. If you are in the editable field it will erase the data in that field with a ‘funny box’. This holds true in 3.60 as well.