SWIFT code

When I run a payment run for a foreign payment with BTL91. Axapta keeps saying that the SWIFT code is not correct. But the code is the code I got from the bank I want to transfer money to. Can somebody please help.

go to www.google.com and search on SWIFT and the name of the bank, and you will find the correct swift code somewhere.

Oke thanx but the issue is already solved. I forgot to fill in the SWIFT code of the bank where the payments are made from.

hi ppal Can you please tell me how to setup the electronic payments from BANK receive an electronic statement from bank & reconcile it automatically in axapta. I am working in india. Thanks & regards vaibhav pednekar

Hi Vaibhav, When you want to work with an electronic statement you have to go to: General ledger → Setup → Journals → Methods of importing account statements. I’m not shure which format file you need in India but in Holland we use the SWIFT MT940 format. Furthermore you have to upload these statements via the General ledger → Journals → General journal → Functions → Import bank account statement. I don’t think there is a parameter where you can say reconcile automatically. I think you need to reconcile manually via Bank → Bank accounts → Functions → Account reconciliation. I am not 100% sure about this, but maybe somebody else can give some extra input here. Greetz, Patrick