Swedisch & UK Localisations

Hi, Can somebody tell me what the Swedich & UK localisations are compared to the W1 databases (funcitonal) ? And maybe indicate how big the impact is ? If possible also post an object list of the localised objects … ? Thanks !

Hi nav nav I have some details, but it is 2.60 - still the majority of it will be carried through. 1) Localized functionality Typical examples are e.g. different format of address, different cheque report, and added local functionality like Aged Debtors/Creditors reports. There are also some bug fixes included. 2) Language layer changes We translate terms which are misleading or incorrect or are very American. The translation is done in objects as well as demo data. The documentation (mainly help text and manuals) must reflect the above. Typical examples are e.g.: Check → Cheque Center → Centre Declining-Balance 1 → Reducing-Balance Gasoline and Motor Oil → Fuel and Motor Oil etc. I’ll send you the rest of it!