Swap item

I’m working on the following issue: if a product we sold is defective, it must be swapped with a new one. I can create a ‘goods return’ order to get back the defective product. after this, I have to send the replacement product, but without making any invoice for it as we already invoiced the defective unit we are substituting. how can I do this in navision?

I think you can use a Return Order (or Regular Order) with 2 lines. One with Quantity 1 (for the Return) and one with Quantity -1 (for the Reshipment). If the Prices are the same, effectively you are creating a Credit Memo for 0 value.

Can you explain me better how it work? Thanks.

Its just so much easier to do it all on the Return Document, less work for the users, inventory balancing is easier, and it all looks nicer. I have always done it the way Chris suggests. (Or you can do it on a sales order instead of a return, but the return sounds nicer.)

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