Survey - Modified Req. Worksheet??

Hello All: I’d like to obtain some type of user survey regarding the req. worksheet given the problems it has had over the past 3 years. 1. Are you using the Requisition Worksheet? 2. If So, what version are you on? 3. Was the Req. Worksheet modified to fit your companies requirements? 4. Do you have any open issues? 5. If your not using the Req. Worksheet what are you using? We have been working on an implementation for over 3 years and the Req. Worksheet has never worked correctly for us. This seems to be one of our main problem children that never seems to go away. Thanks in advance.

Hi, 1. Yes, we are. 2. 3.70B 3. A lot… especially regarding manual requests introduced by different employees, post consumption directly from the req. worksheet, request against G/L Account and Fixed Assets, etc. 4. Currently it’s working fine. What we noticed is that the Navision Req. Worksheet is rather meant to be a place for running automatic requisition processes and not intended for manual requisitions for persons that might not have access to inventory or request that will need any kind of authorization. Aditionally you cannot request against G/L Accounts (e.g. office supplies) or the purchase of fixed assests. You’ll have to define very well you requirements and have some development done, if you want to use this functionality as a “purchase request” system. Saludos Nils

Nils: Thanks you for the response. It is greatly appreciated.

Is anyone else using the Req. Worksheet that can also provide feedback? I was hoping for more responses in this thread to provide us with a better idea if customizing seems to be the most popular route. Are people just using the Req. Worksheet in it’s standard form, or maybe it’s not being used at all? Any feedback is appreciated.