We want to be able to sell a product for a specific price but included in that cost is a surcharge. This surcharge should only be applied to certain customers for specific products. We then want to keep track of those accumulated surcharges so we can “kick back” that money to the customer when they need to run a promo. Since the surcharge is included in the final selling cost how do we keep track of it in Navision and how do we build the cost in so we can seperate it out so it won’t increase sales. We are running Financials 2.60e

Only a quick shot: Try to implement it with the ‘Invoice discount’ functionality. You are able to set up the G/L accounts for these discounts / surcharges for your customer group. Does it helps. Walter

You can make an item called surcharge, but the settings of posting must be done. Now you can give surcharge on an order but it hasn’t any influence on teh order. greetings martin

How about making your surcharge a resource? That would go directly on the order, in fact you could ‘attach’ a resource to an item card, and modify the sales line code such that the resource would automatically be added (at the same qty as the item) once that line was added. This amount would accumulate in the resource card for you to monitor. If you are using 3.10 and have item charges … that would work as well as a seperate line, but would affect the gross margin of the item. -john