Surcharges in AX 2012


Please can any suggest how to handle surcharges in AX 2012 ?

Surcharges is to be defined as an ‘extra amount charged’ on an item to a customer in exchange of another item, but access amount that is charged is retuned/refunded once trade in part/item (or used part) is brought back.

For example item cost £20 if old item is brought back if not customer is charged £30. However, £10 is retunred to the customer once old/used item is brought back to the sales counter by the customer at a later date.

Please suggest how to handle this scenario in AX 2012…Many Thanks in advance.



Did you mean to say that customer is buying certain item in exchange to an item? Or is it that customer is returning a purchased item and buying other item in exchange and you have to return difference amount?

Please specify the scenario in detail based on above example.


for example -

Scenario 1: a customer bought an item called xx01 but after couple of months he comes and wanted same part as it broke down. Now the new part of same the item no. xx01 cost him £50 but the condition is if brings the old part (broken part or unused part) he might get a rebate of £15, which will then cost him £35 in exchange. Else he would have to pay £50 (£35+£15).

Scenario 2: After paying £50 customer buys the part but after 15 days he return with invoice and old part to benefit the rebate of £15.

How AX 2012 would handle the surcharge of £15 bearing in mind this relects the in hand stock and prices ?


You would have to look at miscellaneous charges in addition to the returned items depending upon what you want to do with inventory costs etc.