Supress Error Message

Is there anyway to suppress Navision error messages? Here is my situation. I have a Sort button on the Job List form that on it’s OnPush trigger runs an external app. The buttons PushAction is LookupOk (and must be that way unless I can find a way to return LookupOk through code or simulate a button click). If I run my app as

rc := SHELL(someprogram);

I receive the following error:

"'Job List' cannot be closed, because it is locked by 'Status Bar'.
Please finish 'Status Bar' before closing."

If I omit rc (i.e. don’t wait for completion) it works fine, but I need to wait for completion. So my question is, is there anyway to stop this error message from coming up (because everything still works fine after I hit Ok on the Error message box). Thanks, Mark. Edited by - msraetsen on 2001 Nov 27 23:04:20

It’s certainly due on how you’ve structured your code. Just a guess : Try to CLEAR your variables before SHELL ie : CLEAR(Table); CLEAR(Form); ######