Suppressing the "Remaining Amount" on a Statement

Hi, I’m trying to filter my statement to just show invoices that have a Remaining Amount greater than 0.00. Does anyone have any ideas? Regards Kate [:(]

Hi Kate The statement is designed as standard to show all transactions in a period - all the in’s and outs. However you are using it to show open transactions only? I believe this is quite common in the UK. Depending upon the requirement you can get reports to show this, however if it is to be presented to the customer in this format you will need to modify the report. The Statement is designed off the Customer and Cust. Ledger Entry. As no filters are specified on the Cust. Ledger Entry it is not shown as a filter tab on the report generation. If you set the remaining amount in the properties of the Cust. Ledger entry you can then specify <>0. Please be aware however that this will have a natural knock on affect on the Total Entries displayed.

Hi Steven, Thanks for replying. I have added the remaining amount as a filter to the Cust. Ledger Entry. This is now shown as a filter tab on the report which I have set to <>0. Unfortunately, I still get the 0.00 amounts showing. Have I missed anything? Regards Kate

Hi Kate Are you sure the 0.00 figures are from the remaining amount field? On the options tab what do you have ticked? the include all customers with a blance field, if unticked, will, I think, create a statement even if hte balance is 0.

Hi Steven, I have the “include all customers with balance field” unticked. Looking at this further, the 0.00 amounts are suppressed if I put in the current month and 1 previous month in the date filter ie. 01/09/03…31/10/03. However, If I want to view over a number of periods then ie. 01/07/03…31/10/03 then the 0.00 amounts appear. I can’t seem to do anything about it doing this. Regards Kate

Hi Kate Are you sure the report was not modified before you modified it? I do not think so. I have just set one up, suppressed 0.00 and the transactions do not come up. It does not matter what date filter I put in - if each time I specify remaining amount <>0.00 then they do not appear. Maybe it is currency and decimal places? Try >0.01 and <-0.01?

Hi Kate Try this Code on the first Cust. Ledger Entry DataItem OnPreDataItem() SETRANGE("Posting Date",StartDate,EndDate); SETRANGE("Currency Code",Currency2.Code); // CurrReport.CREATETOTALS(Amount); SETRANGE(Open,TRUE); CurrReport.CREATETOTALS("Remaining Amount"); IF Currency2.Code = '' THEN CurrencyCode3 := GLSetup."LCY Code" ELSE CurrencyCode3 := Currency2.Code This way you are only selecting open entries.[:)]

say a customer has a $1000 invoice from september. The payment was made in November. When you run the report in november for october the invoice still appears as open because the ledger entry containing the payment isn’t included. Do i have the logic correct?

Hi HR Yes thats correct, that is what is required by some UK customers - strange isn’t it - put it down to a quaint English eccentricity!