Suppressing the Dataport Request Form

I am running a dataport from a timer in a codeunit,using the following. Timer::Timer(Milliseconds : Integer) DATAPORT.RUN(95000, FALSE); When I do this, the request form keeps showing up every time the dataport runs. When I run the dataport from a different codeunit using the same code…DATAPORT.RUN(95000, FALSE);… and not using a timer, the request form doesn’t show up. Any thoughts on how I can get the request form not to show up from the timer? Thanks,

Hi I have tested the way u have done it and i did not find the request form popping up even with timer and put inside a codeunit. This seems to work properly, thou i have tested with exporting only and with ‘Import’ property in the dataport set to ‘NO’. and it wroks ok. Probably you can share some more information on what you have done. Cheers hi i have tested with ‘Import’ set to ‘yes’ and seems everything is fine.

Check to see if your dataport “USE REQUEST FORM” property is set to “NO”. The function will override this value, so I’m guessing it may be “yes”. Hope this helps.