Suppress lines in report layouts (instead of just hiding them)


i want to count some lines in my report. So I inserted =CountRows(“PromoterName”) and it does, what it is supposed to do. Almost.

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In the next step, I want to suppress all contacts/promoter with less than X counted lines to benefit the contacts which recruited more than X new customers. I tried it to do it with

=IIF(CountRows(“PromoterName”)>=First(Fields!NumberPromoted.Value, “DataSet_Result”),false,true)

in the hidden textbox-Properties

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But unfortunately it just hides the lines (well I guess, that’s what I told him to do) and don’t suppresses them. This leads to a lot of unnecessary white space.

Is there any way to suppress these lines in the Visual Studio Layout designer so it doesn’t show “blank space”/hidden lines at all?

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I would be very thankful to find a solution to my problem.

Hi Kadi,

Have you tried the hidden property on the row properties instead of the cell.

Alternatively maybe consider changing the group columns, and move the group headers into the “real” columns? My guess that it already reserves the line, when creating the group.

HI Kadi,

As Erik Said Please write that expression in Row visibility Property Then Entire row will be hidden Based on your expreesion


Mahesh U

Thanks to both of you! It worked!

It’s a simple and elegant solution.

(a huge thanks also to uppala mahesh, which helped me too to comprehend it, because it contained the words row visibility property)

(I asked in another Forum, but the answers we’re just too confusing for my low experience level - I received answers like ‘to rebuild the COUNT-function in C/AL’ or ‘to add a flowfield in my contact-table’)

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