Supply of Spare parts from a Finished Goods

Hi All,

We want to use/sell an item for service/sale which is not in Inventory, but we can get this Item by exploding a Finished Goods which is in our inventory at this moment.

How can we do? Can we explode the Finished Item into spares parts and then sell/use it ?

How Nav2009 can do this?

Create a BOM journal for a negative quantity will explode all the component parts into inventory whilst removing the finished goods part. Assuming noting is item tracked of course [:D]

Can you explain in details!

Suppose we want to sell the Item AAA which is a component of the finished goods Item BBB. But in case the inventory of the item AAA is zero. So practically we explode the finished goods Item BBB into its component parts. After that we can sell.

finished goods have a unique number ( Item Tracking )[:(]

Well create a new BOM journal, add the item number, define a negative quantity, press post.

You have to assume you have the ability to actually disassemble the finished goods item and the component part you need is resellable in the format, i.e. if it is welded to the casing as part of the initial process you cannot really disassemble and sell the piece.

Alternatively create disassembly orders, I thought MS were bringing this in, so it maybe in later versions.

Thanks for your reply. It is very helpfull suggestion.

How to reassemble that FG ?

By using a BOM Journal for item BBB and enter postitive quantity (or process production order) will reassamble.


Please do also verify Adams answer as this is the correct answer for your original question regarding disassembly.

So you reassemble a part without a significant element you have sold to someone else - not sure I will be buying from you [:D]

We will reassemble the FG Item by getting the Item AAA ( New purchase or repairing the defected one )