Supply/demand screen or tool in Navision

Hi all!

I have a quick question: is there any screen or tool that I can use in Navision to manage my supply/demand?? I know that those information can be found on the item card but i 'm wondering if there is a tool that can be used


you have report “Inventory - Availability Plan”

That is a question that could be interpreted many ways!

The requisittion worksheet, the planning worksheet and the order planning tool all help you manage your supply/demand balance. However arguably so do the sales and purchase orders [:D]

What “exactly” are you after?

Hi ,

I am try to find a tool maybe the report "availability plan " will help, that can help the planner to quickly see every day what is the plan for the next week base on qty on hand, SO, WO, PO,…

Yes I know that requisition worksheet is there.


This will depend upon your individual requirments, for example each order has a status, do you care about open orders? What production orders are you bringing in firm planned or released etc, are you using expected receipt dates for purhcase orders, will the report show tolerance in dates to allow for planning slippage, so if you have demand on 26/05/07 and a PO due in on 27/05/07 if you run the report until 26/05/07 you have demand you are not supplying etc etc.

There are lots of considerations depending upon what exactly you require, but I would recommend you specify it within your processes and then write what is required.