Supplementry Invoice

Please be noted that followings :---- 1. I had prepared a invoice , qty as 12 & rate per qty is 10. Hence the total Value is 120. I had post the invoice also. 2. Next day I found that the rate which I entered was wrong & the rate was 15 instead of 10. 3. Now I want to prepare a supplementary invoice to customer so that qty should be printed as 12 & rate per qty should be 5. 4. Sir, please keep in mind that we are only sending supplementary invoice to customer, hence there should not be any changes in inventroy in “Navision 4”. All the GL account should to be updated but there should not be any change in Inventory. 5. We don’t want to issue the Debit Note to the customer as we have to charge other Duties & charges. Please advice

One way its to use Credit Memo

Assuming you do not want to raise a credit and re-issue the invoice then you can raise an invoice for the item charge, or raise an invoice direct to a G/L account for the difference as this is a price difference.

Sir, please be noted that :----

  1. I want to create a new supplementery invoice.

2. Want to prepare the new invoice of only rate diff.

  1. The quantities which I had invoiced were correct only the rate was wrong.

  2. Now I want to prepare a new invoice of the rate difference so that difference should be debited to customer as well as other charges & duties also gets updated in their respective GL Account.

  3. As ealiar mentioned that quantities were correctly invoiced.

Sir, I think credit memo would not solve the above queries…???

Pl. advice

There are 2 ways you can go about it.

One is to use a resource, the other way is to use item charge.

If using item charge, you’ll be able to see it as an additional charge when you drill down to the item ledger. Using Resource will be an independent entry on the resource ledger.

Sorry - so where does the suggestion of an invoice to a G/L or as an item charge (or as later suggested a resource) not work for you? You will need to try this out in the test database but from what you describe any of the options meets your needs.

Hi Steven

I had reservation regarding the Credit memo option, but not regarding the options which you had replied.

Confusion occurred because we both post the message at the same time & my message shown first.

thanks for ur reply.

Ahhh I see, thank you for clearing up the confusion - hope one of the solutions works [:D]