Supplementary items - popup AX2012

I have created supplementary items for both purchasing and sales

My question is how does a user know when an item has supplementary items attached to them

My thought would be they should automatically popup to allow selection or rejection of the options

Is this a bug or patch not installed - seems odd that a user would need to check every time or every item to see if they have supplementary items attached



This is not a bug. Whenever any supplementary item is attached then on a PO you can easily call that item using calculation button on PO/So lines.

Actually this has been made flexible in AX where it is not necessary to make supl item come on transaction line every time. And i think if you require any change in functionality then that can be done using development work.



Yes I understand you can access them using the Calculate button - but it means for any item unless you perform this function you have no idea a supplementary item may exist - so if you have 10s of thousands of items everytime you enter an item you need to execute multiple steps to check if any supplementary items exist for the item selected

It would appear then a development is the only option


It is strange but it is true, you need to know there is a supplementary item to undertake the supplementary item addition routine. For anyone one using it we have modified it from memory to produce a pop up.