supplementary item in purchasing

Dear All,

please any one explain me what is the use of supplementary item in ax.


i suggested,u will get all of your doubts for this Question in the documents Trade & Logistics II–>use & Setup of supplementary item

These are extra items which will be given at the time of sales or taken at the time of purchases. Even they can be given or taken at free of cost.

For example you have an vendor - from whom when you will purchase some x,y materials and you will get some z at free of cost. That z item you can project as a supplementary item. And it is vice versa in case of sales.

For more information regarding how it works and how the configuration has to be done in ax - look into Logistic guide…

Can you clarify on this example.

when we buy screw we are getting bolt as a supplementary item.

100 screw we buy then we are getting 100 bolts for free in our stock. please can you correct me on this example.

That could be one case…

please can you explain me how to make relationship between screw and bolt.

The relationship is made by you, you tell it that it is a supplementary item.

what i think with supplementary item in purchasing is that, it is a secondary item with the absence of the item you are purchasing. the relationship is that, when you purchase item 100 with supplementary item 100a, the vendor will deliver item 100a instead. maybe because no available stock for item 100…

from the word itself “supplementary” makes the relationship, and adam is right, it is you makes/declares the relationship.

as per the sample of kranthi, scenarios as follows:

if you buy x & y item you can get Z item free of cost.

if you buy 100items of x you can get additional of 10 x item free of cost.

if you buy worth of 1000usd you will get 5 y items.

now it is us on how we are going to treat this FOC items, as a supplementary items or reduce the cost of original item to allocate cost to the additional item.