Superscript, subscript and Greek Characters

Has anyone come across a method, or fonts, that allow subscripts, superscripts and the Greek character set to be used in Navision?

Gregg, We had a problem printing the Euro-character on reports. We made a font by ourselves. The base for the font was the Arial-font. We deleted all small characters, so the capitals and numbers were still in the font. Then we made new characters for the next keys: s = $ e = € (not correctly showed in this forum) f = ƒ and some others… We called the fontname: currency.ttf With this solution it was possible to setup currency-characters in a form and use it in a report. You can do the same for sub- and superscript. Greek charakters might have a problem. I don’t know if the are some special characters in the Greek set. Kind regards, André Arnaud de Calavon DSA·VISION Navision Solution Center The Netherlands Edited by - André Arnaud de Calavon on 2/15/00 11:47:32 AM