Super user security issue

I’m very puzzled by a problem I’ve just come across. I’ve performed a search of this forum and found an almost suitable answer, but in the end it wasn’t relavent. And I’m at home on dial up and am running out of patience. We’ve a database that hasn’t been upgraded since version US2.00D. The problem boils down to this: There are two kinds of superusers on this database, and I can’t identify the differences between them. For example, there are users called Smith and Jones. Both are given the same “Super” Role. “Super” has all the Object types defined, and all the Object IDs are 0 (zero), and all the privileges are “yes”. Smith has the ability to create new users and assign them any role, including “Super”. But Smith can’t edit a database object. Nor can Smith change Jones’ password. Jones is also defined as “Super”. But Jones can edit database objects. And Jones can create new users as well. But any user that Jones creates can not edit database objects. There are no differences in the Roles of these two users. All tests were performed at the same client, using the same license. I even checked Codeunit 1, thinking there might be something there, but there wasn’t. Naturally, I want to create a role for myself on this database with Jones’ permissions. But I can’t. All input appreciated. cheers, Matt. Edited by - matt_b on 2002 Jan 07 15:03:48

Hello Matt, check if John has a company name defined in his/her “Member of” record. Pelle

Originally posted by Matt_B: Dear Mr. Matt_B, 1. In Navision Server version, the access to Object Designer is based on “Super” Access in Navision, License Permission and Aceess Rights defined in SQL Server/Navision server. Though the user is a “Super User” he will be able to access objects only if he is given Database Owner access in Server. Please check the Access in Server for the users. 2. I agree with Mr. Pelle Lunden. Though the user is “Super User” he will not have access to Object Designer If he/she is a member of a Company. ERP Project Manager (Navision Financials)

Is the problem of not being able to access the Object Designer when you have a Company assigned in the Memeber Of table only limited to v2.00? I’ve tried setting the Company to a user with the “Super” role assigned, and I was still able to access Object Designer. This was in Financials 2.60_CA. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada