Super user is restricted to modify a record in CLE table

Hi All,

Here I have a starnge problem that I ever came across. In my clients database, there is a super user. When the user login into Nav with Database login using remote desktop, he could able to edit a record in CLE (Cheque ledger Entry) table, but when the user logs into Navision through his local machine,and tries to midify a CLE record, he gets an error saying ‘You dont have permissions to modify the CLE table’. Even after running synchronise all logins, same error we are getting…

any help is greatly appreciated…

Thanks to all in advance…



is he using database authentication or windows in local machine?

if windows check the role assigned to him in windows authentication…

In his local machine also he is using Database authentcation.

Is the error encountered while posting, or user trying to modify the record on the table, Customers’ license don’t have permission to modify ledger tables, it can only be done with posting routines.

Let me explain you the actual thing.

my client is cutting checks from payment journal and sends it for approval. later on once the check is approved by the management, they will post the payment Journal Line. But if they generate check say on 10th March, a CLE will be created with a check date of 10/03/2011. If they post the payment line on 20th march, Bank Ledgers will have a posting date as 20/03/2011(Modified the table 81 to allow edit only the Posting date even after the check is printed), which creates a confusion. So, we wrote code to modify the corresponding CLE’s check date once the payment line is updated.

User is getting the error when he moves on to the next line by changing the posting date of the Payment Line.

When he tried the same thing with same license on remote desktop, he could do that.

try by Setting Modify permissions for CLE in the object wre you have written code to modify the CLE’s

The strange thing is the latter. Are you sure that when he connects through remote desktop the very same license is loaded?

I accessed my clients machine on Team Viewer and login to Nav with the database login of the user. I could able to edit and post the Payment JNL Line.