Super User is not super

I am new to Navision. My company recently acquired another company who was running Navision 4 SP1 (native database), and I need to review the Navision database. I’ve installed Navision on a staging server, built a new database, and restored it from a backup. I’ve created a new user and assigned him to the SUPER role, but there are a large number of tables, forms, and reports that this user doesn’t have permission to. The original admin user also does not have permission to these objects. The permissions for role SUPER include all object types separately, object ID=0 for each and object name is NULL.

I am thinking some element of my setup and database restore that is incomplete. Any tips on creating a real super user would be appreciated.

Super user out of box has permissions to do everything. Don’t forget that to run objects you also need a valid license to run them.
Check if your license permits you to run those objects.

Ah, ok. I am not sure I know how to read the license properly. The license callls out ‘Granule ID’,‘Name’,‘Amount’, and ‘Expires’. My quess is that the following lines would indicate my license allows me to design tables,forms,reports, and dataports. I am not sure what the Application Object line items grant me. Is it possible that this license may only run 6 forms?

7,110 Report & Dataport Designer 1
7,120 Form Designer 1
7,130 Table Designer 1
7,800 Application Object - Form 6
8,000 Application Object - Dataport 3
8,100 Application Object - Codeunit 1
8,200 Application Objects - Tables (10) 1

In you have a list that matches Granule Id with object ID.

Application Objects are new objects that you can create. New forms, etc.

The form designer gives you 100 forms. And it looks like you bought an additional 6 forms. So you should have a total of 106 additional forms you can create.

You can have the forms designer, table designer, ect, and still not have access to everthing, because you can only access granuals you are licensed for. So if you didn’t license the item substitutions, for example, even with a table designer you could not access the item substitution table.

For non-standard objects the licence can allow access to specified number ranges.

Have you loaded the user licence into the database?

What are the erro messages that you see?

Yes, I did load the license. This thread indirectly answered my question. In my case Navision is no longer in use, and I need to maintain the legacy data for obvious reasons. So knowing that objects are exposed on a per license basis I am only concerned with objects that Super User has access to.


The license gives you access to objects in a specified range, but that information is not viewable by reading the license. Your partner can provide you with a “config” file, which is a text file containing additional license information. If they don’t have it, they can request it from Microsoft.

Customer object ranges usually begin at object ID 50000, so it would be reasonable to assume that your ranges are as follows:

  • Tables: 50000 through 50009
  • Forms: 50000 through 50005
  • Codeunits: 50000