Super user is missing a folder on a menu


A user that is setup with SUPER permission cannot see a folder in a menu when other similar users are able to see it. This user also encounters an error message that reads “You do not have permission to modify the ‘Company’ MenuSuite.” when trying to modify the menu.

Has this happened to anyone?

Thanks in advance.


Have you synchronised security? Failing that does any user have rights to the menu suite and if they do can they check the assigned users to the menu you cannot see?


Other users have rights to the menu suite. This menu is checked in the assign users section. The folder is not hidden. I’ve manually changed the license to our developer’s license and the user is still missing the folder in the menu.

and you have synchronised security . . . . . . . . . . . [:D]

It could be that this user has deleted or hidden the group. That is nothing to do with being SUPER, just personalization for any user.

Go the the User Menu Level table in the Object Designer and see if that user name is present. If so, delete the record(s). Warning you will lose menu personalization for that user, but this is perhaps what you need.