Super Role limited to certain companies

Would it be possible to have a User with a Role SUPER for company A, and a role of only SUPER (Data) for company B in the same database? Well, I know that this is possible, but I want to have this user to only have SUPER rights in company A, not in B! If I test this, it seems that Navision takes the SUPER role as top level for this particular user, and the role for company B is simply overruled…

Anyone ideas?

A user that is SUPER in company A could simply make themselves SUPER in company B.

You could create a SUPER2 role that has some limitations, such as not being able to change their own roles etc.
Not too difficult but you would need to be careful to make sure that there is no back door such as running the table and changing thier roles there.

It really all depends on this; if you have a worry about the persons you assign the SUPER role to, or you don’t want accidental things being done.

Bottom line is, if the former, then there is probably no hope as the person will eventually find the super password, if the latter, the pseudo SUPER should work fine.