Super group apparentley not doing anything?

Hello everybody,

I am very new to Navision (2 days), and am currently exploring/playing to see if it is something i would like to train further for. I am trying to play around with the object/form designers, however, anything i try to do it says i do not have permission. I have added my username into the roles for the SUPER group in all companies (i leave the company blank for this according to the help), however anything i try to do it still says i do not have the permission.

My setup is 1 client machine, and the database is MSSQL2005 which resides on one of my development servers. The connections are fine, i can connect/view/edit data, but can not get the “good stuff”. I am using the demo CRONUS database to expeiment with.

Hope this is enough information and somebody can help me.

Thanks again,

It looks liek you are using a Demo (Cronus License). To really do anything you need a developers license. You can get this of MSDN if you are a subscriber.

Thank you for your reply, I had a hunch it was something like that.

The CD i have contains an “install demo client” and “install client/server” options, i went for the latter, however i assume this licensing still holds?

I believe we have a developer licence at work since we are gold partners, i will have to sift through the mountian of ms cds when i am in the office.

Thanks again

Just being a Gold partner is not enough, you need to be a Certified Dynamics Partner. Though as a Gold Partner, Iwould assume you would have MSDN, so you can get it from there, but it is not on the DVDs, you need to down load it.

You can also use the demo licnese to do limited development work. There is a KB article on PartnerSource that describes the limitations.

Article ID : 857936

I don’t know if you can get access without being a Dynamics partner though.

MSDN give you a Full developers license, but it can only be used for testing and training.