Suncontract order & accounts

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If I send some items to subcontracter for some work which accounts will effect in chart of accounts ?

Later I received that items from subcontractor then which accounts will affect ?

I need to know who & which accounts getting effect ?

Please share u r valuable explanation on this issue ?

What is the best way to find the accounts ?

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You will be purchasing a service from the sub-contractor, and the best way to find out the accounts it hits is to process a sub-contractor purchase order and then you will see [:D]

when you send to subcontractor, nothing G/L is affected.

also when receiving, nothing in G/L is affected. value entries with expected cost are created.

when you post “invoice” the subcontractors invoice value entries with actual cost are created, vendor account and purchase are affected.

(i’m supposing you do not have automatic cost posting to G/L)

Thanks Steven,

Let me put this example before u .

Please give tell which accounts will effect .

I have 3 items A,B,C. costing method for these is Average. UOM for all items = Kg.

I done the positive adjustment for the items B, C with Qty = 100.

The item A is made by B, C. So now I send B,C to subcontractor. To make Item A.

When I send B,C the Inventory (Raw) Account got credit, Inventory adjustment got Debit.

In Item ledger entry a transfer entry created for above items and cost amount(actual) got value and costpost G\L also got value.

After two weeks I received item A. But this item Item ledger entry created a s Out put.But the fields did not get any value cost amount(Actual) and Cost post G\L.

And also there is no impact in G\L accounts.

Why it happened like this ?

Let me generally when I receive that items from Sub.contractor which accounts will effect.

Steven only u can throw answer to me . Because I have seen lot of posts. That u had given very good explanation with practical examples.

So I am also expecting like this. Please understand the problem.

And also I put the check mark in the Automatic cost posting = Yes.


You are not receiving an “item” back, it is teh completion of the service or the operation. When you complete the final operation the output is posted in manufacturing and the cost of teh service will be rolled into the cost for the item.

The best way to do this is set it up, post it through, you seem to have this. I am not sure if the output of A is the completion of the order, or the booking of the route. Whilst it is the booking of the route it is WIP, and will be WIP until it is reported as output for the item you are making, not the sub-contract order.

Thanks Steven,

I could not understand the u r valuable explanation. Please throw some more detail.

Please do this help . I am expecting u r detail explanation.

Could u give some detail steps.

Please steven………………………

Hi Reema

Are you actually using teh suncontracting application within AX, you mention “transferring” the goods, which is not part of it, I am just not sure how you are processing, and if you are not using the subcontracting within manufacturing, what you are actually wanting to see.

Hi Reema,

assuming you are using Production Order and Sucontractor Order created for it, to get the Actual cost on the Output item ledger entry you have to:

  • post the component consumption (item B and C) unless you have automatic flushing on them

  • close the production order.

  • After the production order is closed run the Adjust Cost - Item Entries report.

hope this helps