Sums on temporary record.

Hi to all. Here is my problem. I’m running a form based on a temporary record. On this form there are several filter fields available to the user that applied on the temporary record. Also there is a field on the form that displays the sum of an amount field of the records currently shown on the form (depend on filters applied). I have a function named ApplyFilters() that is used to apply the filters on the temporary record and after the filters have applied I’ve created the function CalcAmounts() that calculates the amount. The CalcAmounts() function looks like: CalcAmounts () totalAmount := 0; IF Rec.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN REPEAT totalAmount := totalAmount + Rec.Amount; UNTIL Rec.NEXT = 0; END; After that I’m doing a Currform.UPDATE and I’m getting the rename record confirmation dialog. I know the reason I’m getting this dialog but I can’t find another solution to that. Any hint will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Did you try with Currform.UPDATE(FALSE)?

Thats it! Thanks a lot Jesis… It was very simple and it makes me feel silly… but after 10 hours of continuous programming you can imagine what is like. :slight_smile: Thanks again and good luck to all.