Summing of quantity


I am developing a report using “Delivery Challan Line” table. Report runs on the “Prod. Order No.”. I have 4 items in a particular “Prod. Order No.” Example

ITEM No. Quantity

A 10

A 5

B 2

In the report it should display 15 as the quantity for Item A in output by summing up the quantities of Item A. Can anyone help me how wil I do this…

Thanks in advance…

Did you try by grouping Delivery Challan Line with Production Order No. and Item No.?

ya… have put that in GroupHeader and the Quantity field is shown in the Body part.

Put Quantity field in Group Footer…

I hope you set Quantity field on TotalFields property and write Key in DataItemTableView property…

hey tried with it by puttint Quantity in GroupFooter. Now its not repeating the item but its not summing the quantity. Its showing the second item , i.e the item A with quantity 5 in the example.

Grouped on which table and fields?

it should be on Delivery Challan Line table with Production Order No. and Item No. fields?

ya… its working… put the field in DataItemTableView property. Thank u so much[:D]

Welcome [:)]

DataItemTableView and TotalFields are the main properties to set when working with GroupTotalFields

When using GroupTotalFields, you must be aware of the relationship to the currently active key of the underlying table. See the example below.

The GroupHeader section will be output before a new group is begun, and the GroupFooter section after all records in a group have been processed. At this time, the fields designated as TotalFields will contain group totals for the group that was last processed. The group totals are printed by placing controls that have these fields as their source expressions in the GroupFooter section.

read help file for more information.