Summary Update on Picking List

Why does the Summary Update on the Post Picking List screen default to Invoice although in the setup it’s set to None?

Hi Stuart

If it is set to None in the parameters then standard AX will use this on each run. Are you doing this directly from the sales order, from the batch routine, from the release sales order picking? Does the customer have any overriding summary update set (not that it impacts I believe)? Any customizations in the area?

Hi Adam,

I am doing it from the Periodic - Sales Update - Picking list screen. However I checked doing it from a sales order and the same setting is there which is Invoice Account.

I checked the parameters again and it definitely says None.

This happens on all the customers I’ve tested.

It’s not impossible that some customization has been done in this area as we are sharing this syetm with a sister company. I’ll check with the Developers.


Hi Stuart

Can you reset your usage data and try again?