Summary of Journal Entries

I am looking for a summary guide of all G/L journal entries that are done throughout the Attain product (i.e. what accounts get debited or credited during each process and where that account can be set up). I had this requested from a client, but I haven’t been able to locate such a document anywhere. Does this exist anywhere??? I understand that I can refer to each user manual to find out what journal entries are occurring during the posting processes, but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to to through all of that trouble. Edited by - bftg on 2001 Nov 27 18:00:14

If I understand your question correctly, I would recommend the detailed documentation about Posting Groups. Since Attain does not have manuals (and I like to refer to manuals), I would look at the classroom instructional manuals from the Navision US Academy and I would look at the manuals for V2.6 which are on the CD for V2.6 or on Navision’s ftp site. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2001 Nov 27 17:42:26