sum properties how I can use it ?


when i create field (real type ) in table there are some properties one of them is sum properties it give some of values :

sum properties values :

  • Analysisdefaulttotal : auto , sum,count, Min,max…

  • AnalysisTotaling : default,defaultandstatistiques,ALL.

when I can use this properties ?

thank you

Hi Hakim,

These fields are used when creating an SSRS report or an OLAP cube. In case of reports, setting a field property to Sum will allow the user to drag and drop the field and it will show the aggregate value in that field.

In case of an OLAP cube, the effect is same. The field can be used as a measure and you will see the sum, minimum or maximum value in it based on your settings.

To see how this value can be used in an OLAP cube, take a look at this walkthrough. It is on AX 2012 but the same can be applied in AX 2009 as well.

thank you