Suggestions for improvement of upcoming versions or servicepacks of NAV 2009, respectively

Although Dynamics NAV 2009 comes along with a lot of new features especially with respect to the user interface there may be still some things to improve…

To begin with, I am suggesting a simple Ctrl+F search mechanism within lists of the RTC.
Since the look and feel of the user interface is approaching a web browser like behavior in the new version, this suggestion seems to be more or less inevitably.
Furthermore it would be an improvement over the classic client, if the search would perform over all columns automatically. Needless to say, that it should be case insensitive by default and should also find parts in the middle or the end of a field, without the need to type something like @mySearchString

I don’t think it is so needless to say that at all. mySearchString is a different string than MYSEARCHSTRING or mysearchstring, and it should be possible to differentiate between the two. If I want to search for either one I want to be able to have a case sensitive search. I don’t necessarily need an option to search the first part or the middle part, that’s why we have wildcard characters. Automatic search across columns might be a good idea, but only if that is an option that you can turn off.

I would like to see the sql server and database server on screen somewhere.

I would like to get the automation functionality back I’m used to see at the classic client.

Especially the events should work again.

Same is valid for the support of the binary data type.

Well, of course, I agree, too, it would be nice to have as many search options as possible, but I wanted the stress to lie upon “by default”, since the latest public-opinion polls about the question “How often were you using uppercase letters or wildcards in your daily search actions on computers?” have yielded answers in the range of 1 - 2 %… - unfortunately I can’t remember exactly the source of this information… - I think the problem with uppercase letters is mainly the fact that you need an extra key pressed and this seems to be a little “elaborate” for some people (I would include myself…)

By the way, I think it is already possible to search case sensitive in the RTC, perhaps it may be the only easy way at all to search at the moment (without using @) unless I’m very much mistaken…