Suggested Vendor Report with invoice posting date filter

Hi All,

I’m new to Navision and therefore apologies if this seems a pretty basic question.

Is there a way to run a suggested vendor payments report within Navision that will only include vendor invoices prior to a paticular invoice posting date?

At the moment the only way I can acheive this is by entering the paticular date as the posting date in the options tab (prior to running the report) then manually change each of the line items pulled through to have the correct posting date.

Any help is much appreciated!



I don’t believe so out of the box. Suggest Vendor Payments doesn’t really care when something was posted; it cares when you said it was due. For example, you could post something to June 1st, 2012 because you forgot to put the invoice in the system earlier. The due date could one month before, even three months after. Most companies don’t want to pay the bill until it is actually due, and posting date does not control this.