Suggest Vendor Payments

I want to run the above process excluding all credits this doesn’t seem possible as the only filters are on the Vendor Card ?.

Any suggestions.



A standard (and perhaps unknown) feature in NAV is field “On hold” in table 25:“Vendor Ledger Entry”.

Entries with some value in “On hold” are ignored in “Suggest Vendor Payments”.

The field may get it’s value in Purchase Invoice or in a General Journal.
Or directly in “Vendor Ledger Entries” as the field is editable here.

Is this a solution for you?

Same field is present in table 21:“Customer Ledger Entry”, here used in creation of reminders and calculation of interest.

Many thanks fantastic suggestion

Hi Anfinnur,

I guess that you are right, that feature has been there the last 25 years. Think that it even was in PcPlus. So nobody is making it into a great blog post.

But there is actually a few things in the same functional area, that I also think a lot of users don’t know about.

Just as it is allowed to change the “On Hold” field in the Customer and Vendor Ledger Entry table, then you can also change the Due Date, Payment Discount Date, Payment Disc. Tolerance Dates, the actual Payment Discount and Max Tolerance. Plus a few more payment related fields.

So the user also has the ability to postpone payment of specific invoices or override other payment information.