suggest vendor payments error

Dear All,
I am facing problem relate to suggest vendor payments. If I run it the error message come:
“The Gen. Journal Batch does not exist. Identification fields and values: Journal Template Name=”,Name". When I put “//” in the report 393 C/L editor trigger in the validatepostingdate, it works.But it’s not the solution.
Could you pls let me know how it can be error ? I apreciate your answer so much.


Andreas, are you an end user or an NSC?

Hi David,

here is the answer:

You can check his personal info and his occupation. hope it can be clear and not confusing about his occupation.


In the general journal templates what do you have configured for the tyoe “Payments”?

Hi Mark, thanks for this, but “IT Executive” does not help at all sorry.

Basically to help the two of you in your Navision endevours, it will help a lot if you add the following to your Bio:
Are you a Navision end user or a Navision VAR, or an independent consultant.
Are you an accountant, a programer, a user a consultant etc.
If you are an end user which verison of Navision you use.

The quesiton that you asked above about would be answered very differntly if you are an End User or if you are an NSC. I see that you get very frustrated when it takes a long time to get replies to questions, but the replies woudl be much faster if we had more information.

believe me everyone here really wants to help you, but please work with us. [:D]
PS also if you could post in the correct forum it woudl also help a lot. [;)]

are you running the suggest vendor payment from the payment journal. If yes, have you selected a batch first and the template for the batch is set up correctly.

When you run the report the journal template name and batch name from the form you are on is passed to the report, so it knows where to populate the results.

If you run the report independently, then you woud have to supply the two missing values

Dear johnCon, Dear All,

You are right but I have selected the batch and the template. But I will check it anymore. Tku



Have you made any changes to the code?

How are you completing the Options section of the report?