Suggest Shipping Date

Dear all,

The Requirement of our client—

Our client receives a sales order of final product FP1 (10 UNITS) whose shipping date is 30.12.2009. Now the Items mapped in the final product’s Prod. BOM are SP1 whose Replenishment system is Prod. Order. The Qty. of the SP1 required to produce I unit of FP1 is defined as 2 units. In order to produce SP1 a raw material is required RM1 whose Replenishment system is Purchase and require 10 units to produce SP1.
The production time required to produce SP1 is 1hr. but the procurement time of RM1 is 2 weeks.

Our client gives the shipping date without considering the availability of inputs.
How will NAV suggests the correct shipping date?

Order Promising can help u do this.