"Suggest Lines.." in Bank Account Reconciliations

Hi! Experts:

I’m using NAV 4.0 SP3

My accounting people complain about the Bank Account Reconciliations recently. There are 2 tabs : “Checks” and “Deposits/Transfers” in the Bank Rec. Worksheet. The lines in “Checks” are all check payments which we pay out, with postive amount. But in the “Deposits/Transfers” tab, the lines are mixed with some payments, which are postive amount, and some deposits, which are negative amount. The bank statement from our bank lists all inbound transations in one segment and all outbound transations in another segment. So how the Bank Account Recon. work sheet display is very hard to reconciliate with the bank statement.

We use “Payment Journal” for all the check payment, “Deposit” for inbound wire transfer and General Journal for saraly payment.

I can’t find any documents explaining how the Bank Account Reconciliation works. I would like to know if this function suppose to work like this or something wrong with it. Can’t it just put all the outbound in “Checks” tab and all the inbound in “Deposits/Transfers” tab?