"Such a large quantity of this item cannot be reserved"

Context: Entered a sales order line for a serial tracked item with automatic reservation for 30 pieces.

In the serial number group I have “Only for inventory transactions” checked with per qty of 1.

After entering the sales order line, on clicking Inventory → Reservation, I am prompted with an Autoreservation screen that says “Such a large quantity of this item cannot be reserved”. On clicking OK, only 10 reservations show up with unique serials. Why is it not reserving the entire quantity? The number 10 might be significant, as the last sales order I entered for this same item was for 10 pieces, but I’m not sure what the connection is and why it will not generate reservations for all 30?

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You will see that “Auto reservation” screen , when you dont have the sufficient on hand inventory to reserve against that sales order. Maintain the sufficient inventory of 30 quantity, so that you will not be prompted with that.