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Now I use version 3.6 Thai localize which it is version for Thailand.I create an Item and specific the Substitution Item for this Item, and I choose the Interchangeable option on the Item Substitution Entry.I want to know when I create the sale order, choose this Item and appear that the quantities of this Item not enough for sale.How the program will show about the Substitution Item? I read the help in the program about the Interchageable option.The program indicates that it will automatically indicate from the sales line that the two items can be substituted for one another whenever necessary. Can you help me? Thank you very mush for any advise.

Hi Thirawat My understanding of this is as follows. If you have insufficient stock of an item the system will tell you with the standard message box. This message box has a tick box to indicate if a substitute is available, if it is you then say yes you want to continue and from the sales line select line and then Select Item substitution - this window shows you the possible substitutions and selecting okay swaps the subsititute for the original item on tth line. I am not using the Thai localised version but it is probably similar, and you were probably expecting something a little more automated, but try it anyway.


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I am not using the Thai localised version but it is probably similar, and you were probably expecting something a little more automated, but try it anyway.

There is no (Thai-) localisation in this part of application. It is the same as in NAVW1

Thanks Walter I was never going to try and load a localised Thai version to test it on anyway [:D] But nice to know.

Hi Steven, Thank you for your answer.For the version Thai localized is version 3.6 which it is now version of Navision but it have diffterented only about Tax and the Receipt Entry.I think that the interchageable option on the Item Substitution Entry should have for any version of Navision.I want to know the effect when I choose or don’t choose this option.At last time I have been test this option but I did not seen the effect in two ways.

Hi Thirawat Having looked at the interchangeable flag it seems to indicate that if it is flagged you can change it dynamically on the sales line, if not you cannot. However you can substitute it with or without this flag ticked. So I am not sure what its purpose is [:D]. The substitution came in after 2.60 (3.10?) and it maybe a flag put in for a future purpose - cannot see it doing anything at the moment (unless of course I am missing something somewhere!) Do you want to set up a substitution and then restrict it?

Hi Steven Thank you for your advice.Now I know how do I should about the Substitution Item,and I don’t want to restrict it.I think althought I flag in the Interchangeable option or not flag I will get the same result of the two ways if the program have warned to me.

Actually, the substitution granule was a part of the Navision Adv. Distribution product orginally released in the US product in version 2.00. It wasn’t encorporated into the worldwide version until 3.01.

Hi Thirawat Well the marvels of training courses - I actually found out what the interchangeable flag means! [:D] If you have two Items - Item “A” and Item “B” if you are on the Item “A” card and select substitution, and define Item “B” as the substitute if the interchangeable flag is ticked you can substitute Item “B” for Item “A” and automatically you will be able to use Item “A” as a substitute for Item “B”. If the interchangeable flag is not ticked the relationship is one way. So you can substitute Item “B” for Item “A” but not Item “A” for Item “B” (unless you define it separately. So we do learn something new every day! [:D]