substitute for granule 4065

Are there any substitute for granule 4065 of microsoft nav? are there any other granule containing table 25001? thanks

I guess this is the new Kitting module for 5.0 and later versions.

My information says…

New for Dynamics NAV 5.00 (only available in AU, CA, FR, ID, MX, MY, NZ, PH, SG, TH, US licenses when released)

Why do you need an alternative?

4065 is kitting - this is obviously for kittling, you could use BOM Journals, so the answer is yes, but probably no.

25001 is a localised table I believe - what is it?

this is the only granule so far that i have seen that contains table 25000. this is the kit sales line table which we need in our process in order for us to be able to delete lines in the sales invoice lines. however, we dont have this granule. im afraid we also could not deploy the BOm journal since we dont have manufacturing granule as well. do you know of another alternative for this?


I’m pretty sure that BOM journals are part of the Inventory module. Have your tried to use them?

Why are you deleting sales invoice lines?


Seems this post was caused after… [:’(]

First - why you can’t simply buy that Kitting granule - in your country it seems to be available ?

Second - if in such indirect access situation (deleting SO Line) you get your message, there may be two reasons:

  1. You have Client license with errors - indirect access MAY be allowed even if you haven’t the granule itself, contact your Partner to get updated license. Such situations happen.
  2. Someone (your Partner ?) opened your database with license, where this granule WAS included, made some entries, and now with yours you are, of course, stuck. Do you ALWAYS get the message, or only with some SO lines? Again, contact your Partner - that for they exist [;)]