SubPageLink causing error on page extension with Business Central Online


I have created a new subpage as an extension to Sales Order to divide different item types to their own sections. When I use subpagelink property on the Sales Order extension page to filter subpage document type, no. etc. the subpage is causing errors.

Error comes when I first adjust quantity field and after this adjust for example unit price field / other fields. The error code is “The changes to the Sales Line record cannot be saved because some information on the page is not up-to-date…”

There is no error with orignal Sales Order Subform subpage. The new subpage is 100% same as the original subpage.

The error does NOT appear if there are no subpagelink on the header page for the subpage.

There is NO error in onpremise version, it only comes in online version.

Is there a solution or work around to this problem? For me this seems a bug?

Just tried this on the latest sandbox and seems that this issue is already fixed there.

And now in the version 17.0.16993.0 this is NOT fixed.

Does anyone know if this is actually going to be fixed in the next version and why this was not included in the latest version?