Subform within a subform

Hi to all, I’ve just tried to put a subform within another subform and navision attain (v3.6) does not accept that. Does anyone have any suggestion on how can I solve this? I mean, obviously I definitely can’t have nested subforms but is there any way to show 3 related tables on a single form? Thanks in advance, Pavlos

What are the relations of the tables?

Hm, MainForm (table1) >Subform1 (table2) SetFiltersHere for table3 Subfor2.update >Subform2 (table3) Does this help?

Robert, thanks for your reply. The 3 forms are used to represent 3 tables, lets say table1, table2, table3. The relation of these tables are: table2.code → table1.code table3.code → table2.code table3.itemNo → table2.itemNo What I’m trying to do is to have form3 as a subform of form2 and form2 as a subform of form1. Hope this gives you a better picture of the problem. Thanks.

Hi You could look at these two links

Thanks guys for your help. I’ve finally manage to implement it thanks to your help.

Hi Pavlos, i just went online a few minutes ago, glad you found your answers already :slight_smile: