subform on journal voucher form

I have created a subform of journal line dimension on the journal voucher screen if i try to give the dimension code and value in this subform it`s asking for "TABLE ID MUST BE FILLED IN.Please enter a value…

please help me to resolve it.


Always remember to write which version is you question about!

It sounds like you have forgotten to set a fixed filter to the table id field.

sorry sir it`s NAV 2009

Did you set SubFormLink property?

ya it`s there…

in the subform properties

subformid : Journal Line Dimensions

SubFormLink : Journal Line No.=FIELD(Line No.)

You should add

Table ID=CONST(81),Journal Template Name=FIELD(Journal Template Name),Journal Batch Name=FIELD(Journal Batch Name),Journal Line No.=FIELD(Line No.)

thnk u so much it`s get resolved…


Please verify the posts which solved your problems…