SubForm Lines Dissapear

I have a Header and a SubForm,

And the Subform is Linked to the Header.

When I capture Data in the Subform the Lines Dissapear after I Insert a Record.

When I open the Main Form, the data is there; but as I capture the lines they dissapear to be not visible;

I have checked for fitlers; I have checked that the LINK between SUB and Main is Valid.
The SubForm Table does have a key containing the LINKED fields.

What else could be wrong ?

How are you “capturing data”?

If you have problems with subforms follow these steps:

  1. Go to a standard Master-Detail-Relationship of your choice. (e.g. Financial Management/Receivablyes/Invoices) and check if your forms have exactly the same properties like the standard forms (of cause except Source Table and so on).
  2. Check your SubForm-Link. Mostly it contains only the primary key of the master table.
  3. Your detail table must not have the primary key of the master table as its own primary key. (Add a second field or use a complete different field. ) :slight_smile:
  4. Go to the master and the detail form and check triggers like OnAfterGetRecord and so on.
  5. Go to the Source Tables and check insert and modify triggers.
  6. If this all didn’t help. Start at 1.

Tip: Copy the height and width properties from the standard forms (and Subform-Control). This helps to generate style guide forms (“5 lines in a subform”-Rule, …)