Subform dimensioning in a Windows 7 environment


I’m experiencing a weird problem with subforms dimension. I’m presently working on a 2009 R2 Classic in a W7 environment, but I cannot be sure wether the problem would happen under different circumstances also.

I have a complex form - it is a tabular form with a card in top e two subforms. The form looks like three stores form, more or less - there is the main form tablebox, a first subform under it and a second subform under the first.

Heights and widths of each tablebox and subform have been carefully measured so that the form looks nice and easy to use. Horizontal and vertical glues are correctly setted.

The form looks as it should when minimized, under any circumstance. It also looks as it should when the Navision window is minimized (even if dragged to the screen maximum size).

BUT if both the nav window and the form are maximized, the three tableboxes overlap. I’ve tried several combinations of sizes a positions to no avail, I just got a ugler form, but the problem is still there.

Is this a bug? Anybody knows about it?


what are u trying to tell is that,

  1. you min the form.

  2. you min nav window

and when you max the nav window every thing is mixed.